Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Say hello to the new ARGH Studios...same as the old ARGH Studios!

Been a while. But me and some of the boys are back and plan on putting a few projects together for 2011.

Hopefully those of you who frequented our old site, message boards, interact with us on the interwebs and Facebooks will follow us here and come around often to check out our updates and art posts.

Stick around. Me, Keith Conroy and Pete Hernandez will updating regularly and who knows who else might be joining the ranks.

If you are looking for us on Facebook..this is how you find us...!/aristides.iliopoulos!/profile.php?id=1332362322&ref=ts!/profile.php?id=634058943&ref=ts

Thank you for coming by. Hope you like what you see.
Here is a sneak peak of something Keith and I working on called Jurassic


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